Working Group News

The GBA Working Groups closed out 2019 by preparing goals and strategies for 2020. These roadmaps will guide the Working Groups throughout the year and help them achieve their goals. Through discussions with the GBA leaders we are seeing a trend towards the following:

  1. Taking discussions and understanding of each subject matter to the next level such that the Working Groups are able to provide more in-depth training and predict future trends in their industry.
  2. Creating revenue-generating opportunities for Working Group members through partnerships, events, and collaboration.

GBA and the Working Groups are working together to build towards these goals and have already put efforts in motion. I would like to highlight a few groups and efforts that are leading the way into 2020.

  • The GBA Healthcare Working Group’s (HWG) roadmap is being used as a template for the other Working Groups. Take a look at what they’ve pulled together here. If you want to participate and/or join the discussion please follow up.
  • The GBA Voting Working Group continues to bring in dynamic leaders and partners to expand the discussion and the capabilities of the Working Group. See what they are up to here.
  • The Education & Training Working Group is developing the GBA 100k Developer Program to work with the leaders of GBA Active Chapters around the world to use the chapters as training & innovation centers. The idea includes finding local companies to sponsor developer training and work with GBA Developer Training Providers to deliver the training and to work with GBA Working Groups to organize Innovation Challenges sponsored by GBA Government members.
  • Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group continues to work on the GBA Token Project.

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