GBA Healthcare Working Group – 2019 in review

Reflecting on the successes of 2019 for the GBA Healthcare Working Group, we have seen some very positive changes that have served to propel us forward in our mission to educate, as well as connect and align professionals in the healthcare sector with leaders and innovators in the Blockchain space.

Among these milestones, we experienced a boost in membership, adding 15 new members to our ranks this past year. Additionally, we welcomed the appointment of a new chair/team lead, Marquis Allen, who brings 15 years of experience in healthcare IT and 10 years of technology consulting to the group’s resources.

In 2019, GBA Healthcare Working Group members participated in symposiums and conferences as presenters and keynote speakers highlighting Blockchain ideation and innovation in multiple engagements around the world. We strive to continue this trend of being highly sought resources and subject matter experts on the intersection of Healthcare IT and Blockchain technology.

We were also proud to create and successfully launch the GBA Healthcare Specialist Training Course, one of our most significant accomplishments, in which over a dozen technology professionals have been certified since June 2019. This course has proven to be in high demand since its launch, and many healthcare organizations from government to private practice have begun to schedule staff trainings in the coming year.

We in the GBA HWG are excitedly optimistic about the opportunities of 2020; we look forward to continuing to serve as a resource to the healthcare community for consultation, training, advice and information on blockchain/DLT for healthcare professionals, supporting GBA members and partners that are researching, building and implementing Blockchain-enabled solutions for the healthcare sector, and continuing to promote innovation around data security, data ownership and improved healthcare service delivery.

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