GBA Looking for Volunteers

GBA March Event, "The Future of Money, Governance and the Law."

Do you have some spare capacity and want to make an impact in the world with blockchain technology. If so, we could really use your help. While we have grown into a global organization, our goals and plans always seem to outpace our resources. For that reason, we rely on volunteers to do a lot of the heavy lifting that more mature organizations have full-time staff to do.

But, if you are willing to work very hard for no pay, other than the reward of knowing that down the road, your investment of time and energy will have a huge impact on your personal situation, your community, and the world, being a GBA volunteer is perfect for you.

The information submitted below will be routed to our management team and we will get back to you as soon as we can to schedule a call and discuss how we can create a win-win so that the effort you invest in GBA also comes back to you in terms of new relationships, opportunities, and knowledge that will benefit you personally and professionally. We love our volunteers and want to do everything to help them connect, communicate and collaborate.

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