GBA Member, BurstIQ Launches Collaborative Research Coalition to Tackle COVID-19

The coalition brings together
Fortune 100 enterprises, industry associations, public agencies, and entrepreneurs to collaboratively solve global health challenges

BurstIQ, the leading provider of blockchain-based data solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today the launch of Research Foundry, a global coalition of enterprises and entrepreneurs working together to solve global health challenges, starting with COVID-19. The coalition brings together researchers, public health agencies, large enterprises, and innovators, and utilizes BurstIQ’s secure data management and connectivity platform to enable all stakeholders to collaborate and securely share data to accelerate discovery and solution development.

In addition to providing unified access to independent and aggregated datasets from all over the globe, Research Foundry provides organizations with a way to directly share data without losing control of that data, form working groups to tackle specific problems and build collectively-developed solutions where each participant’s contributions are verifiable and auditable. The coalition platform already includes 100+ datasets and growing list of participating organizations, including Fortune 100 enterprises, nationwide health associations, and emerging health-tech.

BurstIQ believes that research and innovation can be significantly accelerated through collaboration and crowd intelligence. But any collaborative research framework needs to allow each participant to trust that their contributions will remain under their control. Research Foundry provides the framework to enable this, allowing coalition members to collaborate with each other while maintaining ownership, control and verifiable intellectual property rights of their contributions.

According to BurstIQ’s CEO, Frank Ricotta, winner of the GBA 2020 Innovation Award, the real value of Research Foundry lies in its ability to build meaningful connections and collaborations between large enterprises, government agencies, and the entrepreneurial community. “We know that collaboration exponentially advances human knowledge,” says Ricotta. “Research Foundry provides the framework for making these collaborations easier and more secure. Not just for the COVID-19 crisis, but for the one after that, and the one after that.”

About BurstIQ™
BurstIQ is the leading provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions for the healthcare industry. The company’s private, permissioned data network allows organizations to connect with each other, securely share data, and unlock a deeper understanding of the diverse factors that influence health. The platform combines blockchain, Big Data, machine intelligence, and granular data ownership and consent to build multi-dimensional profiles of people, places, and things and empower the interactions between them. The result is a global, secure data network that allows health systems, payers, digital health companies, pharma & life science companies and governments to collaborate, share, discover, and build the impossible.

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