GBA Partners with EarthId for Decentralized Identity

Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has partnered with a UK based Self-Sovereign Identity platform, EarthId for providing a decentralized identity to its members and customers. GBA is a thought leader in the blockchain industry, working governments across the world to help them solve their challenges using blockchain as an enabling technology. On the same lines, GBA has decided to use the EarthId platform to secure access to its platform, while empowering its users with consent, privacy, and ownership of their identity information.

EarthId is an award-winning, GDPR compliant, global enterprise-grade decentralized identity management solution, that allows secure and seamless onboarding, verification, and password-less authentication using pre-verified user information, resulting in massive cost and time savings. EarthId empowers its users with a self-sovereign identity ensuring complete control and ownership of their personally identifiable information (PII).

GBA will also integrate EarthId with the Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP) enabling GBA members to build secure distributed applications for government functions like licensing, permitting, acquisition management, contract management, grant management, and voting.

For further information about EarthId or this partnership benefits, please reach out to Mark Waser (CTO) and Shiv Aggarwal (ID Management WG Lead)

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