GBA Ethics Office-Hot Topics Series: Transparency in Dual Blockchain & AI Implementations

This article highlights some of the ethical considerations related to transparency when implementing both blockchain & AI. At first glance one might opine that by ensuring ethical deployment of these technologies we could run the risk of reducing their desired benefits. However, a careful analysis would highlight that by designing a proactive and comprehensive digital ethics program we could ensure that the preservation of foundational principles such as trust, integrity, privacy and transparency.

Both blockchain and AI are groundbreaking technologies with amazing beneficial transformative powers, however without adequate governance structures in place they can both lead to massive breaches and violations of core ethical principles.Ā  Only by embedding ethical guardrails into the fabric of the blockchain and the artificial intelligence tools deployed can we aim to ensure transparency wihout loosing the benefits of each technology.

It is imperative for us to consider the impact of these rapid technological advances on our society and to encourage the development of robust digital ethical frameworks globally.

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