VIDEO: LANDac Conference: Session on climate change, blockchain, land governance and land tenure


At the LANDac Online Encounter’s ¬†5-day symposium –¬†¬†on Day 3¬†– I ¬†moderated a parallel session of expert panelists on the topic of:¬†“Monitoring, Managing and Protecting the Integrity of Land Governance Systems, Land Registration and Land Claims from Climate Change Effects Using Blockchain Technology

This session was organized by GBA and its global strategic partner FIBREE (Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise).

According to a 2018 U.N. climate report, the world has only about 12 years to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change which is affecting many aspects of earth’s ecosphere.

Can blockchain technology “solve climate change and its affect on land use and land tenure?? Can it mitigate risks??

Here is the Youtube link to a stimulating discussion amongst 4 industry experts.  Our session starts at the 1:27 minute mark:

Regards to all,

John Dean Markunas

Leader, Land Titling Working Group


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