GBA Ethics Office- Hot Topics: Cyberethics for Blockchain Technology

Cyber-Security breaches or threats are a common occurence in this current highly digitalized and virtualized global environment. Among all novel technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are usually causing a high degree of concerns in the C-Suite of many enterprises and isues related to cyber-ethics or cyber-risks are on top of the agenda.

In response, we have seen several international and national initiatives that aim to address these valid concerns, which cover the full spectrum: from drafting new laws, policies, guidelines, or white papers to publishing practical fieldguides, playbooks, or toolkits.  There is also an international trend to create state of the art digital ethics frameworks and cyber-ethics is a key component in most of them.

This article aims to highlight the need for a collaborative global approach to mitigate the cyber-risks  triggered by the deployment of new and disruptive technologies such as the blockchain with the need of both protecting data subjects’ fundamental rights and being compliant with the European and national legal frameworks on privacy and data protection.

It is this author’s hope that this blog can also serve as a call to action for all key stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem to collaborate towards de development of comprehensive state of the art cyber-ethics programs.

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