Sustainable and Environmental Stewardship Working Group – Objectives

The goal of this working group is to identify avenues of technology development keeping in mind the ecological limits of our planet. The growing environmental challenge is evolving the business economics, and hence creating an obvious trade-off between social, responsible, and ethical commitments and viability. We only have one planet and our future depends on all of us, individually and collectively, to bring a remarkable cumulative impact for humanity.
This working group has the following objectives:
ā€¢ To provide economic well-being to the present and future generation.
ā€¢ To maintain a healthy environment and life support system
ā€¢ Purpose-driven strategies to understand the issues to shape and drive the adoption of meaningful solutions that help restore ecosystems on land and oceans
ā€¢ Support sustainable food, farming, and fishing
ā€¢ Promote sustainable products/ commodities
ā€¢ Support economic democracy and financial transaction monitoring to ensure only sustainable practices and products are being used. ā€œEconomic Democracyā€ relates to ensuring the people-to-people flow of products, services, financial/technical/training resources in ways that by-pass the gatekeepers in emerging markets (banks, moneylenders, politicians).
ā€¢ Maintain records of sustainable practices and monitoring of natural resources, habitats, and endangered species
ā€¢ Engage the public and private sector in dialogue about sustainable and environmental stewardship tapping into private sector corporate social responsibility and sustainability advocates

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