GBW Evening Receptions


Government Blockchain Week is going to be the largest government blockchain event in history to date.

All receptions will be held in spectacular venues, catered by one of Washington DC’s top caterers, and certain to impress and inspire. Come to the beautiful city of Washington DC, and make the connections that will impact your business and your life.

The 3 Evening Receptions are:

  • Blockchain Ambassadors on 9/28/2021- A stately evening under the stars to network with world leaders. Rub elbows with the men and women who are forging the direction of nations.

Price $300 GBA members, $500 non-members

  • CryptoNite on 9/29/2021– An electric, black-tie reception overlooking the city full of intrigue and strategies. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to make contact with the double agent in the dark shades.

Price $400 GBA members, $500 non-members

  • Inventors and Pioneers on 9/30/2021-Blockchain Technology was made for pioneers and inventors. We raise a glass to the great pioneers, past and present, who stepped onto the world stage and changed the future. This event will also have a trade show where inventors and pioneers can host a table and present their projects to hundreds of potential clients. See the Sponsorship Brochure for details.

Price $400 GBA members, $500 non-members.

3-Night Reception Pass- $1000 GBA members, $1400 non-members.
Purchasing the 3-Night Reception Pass will include an All-Access Pass to the 5 days of the Conference in Washington DC.
Tickets on sale now.

Find out how to Sponsor a Table at the Inventors & Pioneers Reception in our Sponsorship Brochure.


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