Intl Law Enforcement Experts Talk Crypto at US Capitol

As our relationship to the web has evolved, criminals have evolved along with it. Utilizing the pseudo-anonymity of the dark web, peer-to-peer platforms, digital currencies, and DLT technologies, bad actors have been able to sell everything from weapons, child pornography, and illegal narcotics with a large degree of success. Recognizing the need for sophisticated forensic tools in combatting organized internet crime, the European Commission funded a $5 million, 3-year research project called TITANIUM.

The Government Blockchain Association, (GBA), is pleased to announce that the European Commissionā€™s TITANIUM former Project Lead, Dr. Ross King, will be speaking at the Legal, Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Forum during Government Blockchain Week in May 2021. This weeklong blockchain event will bring together policymakers in government, finance, and law enforcement from around the world to the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Dr. King is the Head of Competence Unit: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. He will be sharing his insight into the multi-stakeholder research project whose objective is to shape how Global Law Enforcement undertakes cyber investigations.

TITANIUM, (an acronym for ‘Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets’) was a consortium of 15 partners comprising organizations from 7 European Countries. Amongst these partners are INTERPOL and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, and their department, the Center for Digital Safety and Security. Their objective was to research, develop, and validate a system of novel data that could support cyber investigations by ‘following the money’ and implementing chains of evidence that Courts could use in prosecutions.

The project concluded in April of 2020, allowing attendees at Government Blockchain Week to benefit from Dr. King’s post-project synopsis of TITANIUM.

Additional speakers will be Robert Whitaker from the Blockchain Intelligence Group, (BIG), and Mr. Majid Malaika, a Cybersecurity and Digital Technology Expert from the Inter Monetary Fund, (IMF).

  • The Blockchain Intelligence Group, (BIG) is a Canadian-based global technology company whose mission is to bring Cryptocurrency mainstream, and investigative solutions to government and law enforcement to fight financial crime related to cryptocurrency.
  • TheĀ International Monetary FundĀ (IMF) is an international organization working to foster global financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

Ā Government Blockchain Week tickets go on sale on October 30, 2020.



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