GBA & Members Help Fund Blockchain R&D



The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is pleased to announce that it is working with its member organizations to help fund Blockchain Research & Development (R&D). The program includes working with:

  • TON LABS – A member of Free TON Community which can provide access to TON Crystal tokens in rewards to support the design, development, and implementation of blockchain-based solutions on decentralized blockchains.
  • Diligentiam – Access to US government programs and incentives for technology R&D
  • UK Department for International Trade – Access to UK programs & incentives for technology R&D

TON LABS can tap the power of the Free TON community to distribute millions of TON Crystal tokens in rewards funding to support the design, development, and implementation of blockchain-based solutions on decentralized blockchains.

Free TON community includes approximately 8,000 developers and near 30000 other community members around the world who are committed to developing a fully decentralized and scalable blockchain that embodies the principles articulated in Nikolai Durov’s Whitepaper. See for more details.

The first contest to be launched under this joint GBA/TON LABS program is for a solution that facilitates Crowdsourced Auditing of Election Results for Latin American Elections. Approximately 165,000 TON Crystal tokens will be distributed in December 2020 to the innovators and pioneers that submit solution descriptions. At this time several independent crypto trading platforms (on their own, without any actions from Free TON) decided to list TON Crystal, including CoinmarketCap,, and, and 1 TON Crystal at the time of this writing is quoted at approximately $1.

Anyone wishing to make a submission for this contest or propose any other contest opportunity should join the GBA Funded Blockchain R&D Community led by Gerard Dache.

Diligentiam has expertise in helping organizations fund their research and development projects by claiming tax credits and incentives that are widely available and relatively unknown. For example, the R&D Tax Credit program rewards companies that work to solve everyday problems with a dollar-for-dollar offset of tax liability. The tax credit is available for any company that invests in its own product development and product improvement or provides engineering and technical services. To find out about these and other US government incentives for technology research and development contact Gerard Dache.

The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT), Financial and Professional Services (FPS) support US fintech companies that use or develop blockchain solutions and other digital innovations ultimately grow their businesses overseas. DIT provides a fully integrated advisory service, delivering the latest business intelligence through a global network of commercial teams worldwide. Their free and confidential services include but are not limited to market intelligence, financial incentives, taxes, introductions to the key government or private sector organizations, and visa information. 

On November 17th we will be discussing additional initiatives to be rewarded via contests, government incentives, and opportunities to help organizations Take Technology Global. Please join us to learn more about the incentives and opportunities available. This event is free to the public and a great opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Next year, we will honor many of the grant winners and trailblazers at our Annual Achievement Awards, and our Inventors & Pioneers Leadership Reception.

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