How the Biden Administration Could Reimagine Technology Policy

GBA member, the Blockchain Research Institute, in collaboration with other experts, have produced a 120-page report on how the Biden-Harris administration could reimagine USĀ technology strategy and policyā€”and take action to implement it.Ā The report recommends a series of actions that would position the United States for long-term digital leadership, co-authored by Don Tapscott, Kirsten Sandberg, and Anthony D. Williams, with a Foreword by Tony Scott, former Federal CIO under the Obama-Biden administration.

The Biden-Harris administration arrives at a unique time in history. The pandemic exposed and exacerbated problems at all levels of government, creating aĀ demand-pullĀ for transformation. The advent of the second era of the digital age, with a ā€œtrivergenceā€ of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain technologies, is creating anĀ innovation-push.Ā You can access the full report here, along withĀ an executive summary of the report and an introductory video featuring Don Tapscott. You can also register for theĀ New DirectionsĀ webinar series, a multi-month initiative covering key topics outlined in the reportā€”with more webinars to come!

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