CryptoNite @ The International SPY Museum

CryptoNite Brings Espionage to the International SPY Museum

CryptoNite will be one of The Government Blockchain Associationā€™s-(GBA)- 3-Evening Receptions during Government Blockchain Week, September 27-October 1, 2021.

September 29, 2021. International SPY Museum, Washington D.C.

ā€œAgent Smith, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get to the International SPY Museum at 700 Lā€™Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C., on the evening of September 29, 2021. Transport to the rooftop overlooking the historic marble monuments, where you will connect with other agents, allies, and adversaries, at the Government Blockchain Weekā€™s CryptoNite Evening Reception. Dress Code: Your tuxedo should do the job.ā€

This fall, the Government Blockchain Association, (GBA), will host Government Blockchain Week, live, in Washington, D.C., September 27- October 1, 2021. On Wednesday evening, September 29, 2021, GBA will present CryptoNite on the rooftop of the International SPY Museum. Upon arrival at this black-tie event, each guest will be handed a sealed envelope with their unique mission to find their allied spies and uncover the lost kanz before some other nefarious infiltrators beat them to it.

In case you think this is all fun and games, think again. Government Blockchain Week will be 7 days of blockchain classes, conferences, a pitch competition, the famed Annual Achievement Awards, an Art Show, and punctuated by renowned Speakers from around the globe. All daytime events during the Government Blockchain Week are free of charge and can be secured now with a purchase of an Evening Reception ticket. CryptoNite, one of 3 different themed evening events, will provide a glamourous backdrop to network with champions in the blockchain space. When will you ever again order a phosphorescent CryptoNite drink, drop a code line to a stranger, and hope they reply with the clandestine response? Therefore, Agent Smith, unlock your homing periscope and reserve your tickets today. CryptoNite, a Government Blockchain Week Evening Reception, is one night you wonā€™t want to miss. Oh, and about that lost kanz, I would love to tell you more, but that would be hacking the SHA-256.

ā€œGenerally speaking, espionage offers each spy an opportunity to go crazy in a way he finds irresistible.ā€

Kurt Vonnegut


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