GBA launches Discord server

In an attempt to collaborate with its members, GBA Global has launched its own discord server.  Why would GBA Global, an international organization that helps governmental entities and distributed ledger technology organizations want to utilize such a platform?

Let’s look at some good points to the platform.

  1. It is free!
  2. The platform is constantly being updated.
  3. You can host online presentations and have podcast-type discussions within the platform.
  4. You can host video presentations on the platform.
  5. The platform has a robust add-on marketplace to have moderation, engagement, badging within the community.
  6. The platform has a web app, desktop app, and mobile app to communicate with your community in real-time wherever you are.
  7. Working groups and chapters can communicate in real-time while working on projects and/or initiatives.


Join us! discord logo    (If you click on the discord logo it will take you to the GBA server)

(PS when you arrive please read the Rules in the Welcome and Rules channel first ūüėČ )


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