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Due to the rising COVID cases from the Delta variant, the Government Blockchain Week and all Receptions have been postponed until the spring of 2022.

Coming September 30, 2021: Washington DC. World-Changing inventors and pioneers will be seen at the Inventors and Pioneers Evening Reception- With Trade Show.

Blockchain was made for inventors and pioneers. Created as a defense against ‘changing the books’, blockchain technology promises to verify the record, providing trust and security, while exposing fraud, corruption, and waste. It also provides autonomy, breaking our dependence on 3rd party regulators. Not welcome news to all. But being new, blockchain solutions are vulnerable, still relatively unknown. They need to be proven as viable, even necessary. To begin that process, they need to be seen, and by the right people. Check out the Attendees.

High above the monuments of Washington DC, inventors, and pioneers with novel blockchain solutions can showcase their projects and proposals with panache. Perched on a double-deck rooftop venue, the Inventors & Pioneers Evening Reception, during Government Blockchain Week, will host a Trade Show and Expo on the lower rooftop deck. Display your blockchain project to hundreds of government officials, business investors, and world influencers against the backdrop of stars. Put yourself in the room where it happens. Enjoy this catered event overlooking the iconic Capitol building, lit up against the night sky. Learn about new technology for your company or showcase what you have produced using blockchain technology. There could not be a more dramatic and advantageous method for networking, showcasing, and enjoying the evening in the beautiful city of Washington DC.

We celebrate the inventors and pioneers of this new decade of the Blockchain Century.

TICKETS are on sale now.

Interested in sponsoring a table at the Trade Show? Go to GBA’s Sponsorship Payment Page / Individual Sponsorship Options.

Government Blockchain Week, September 27- October 2, 2021, live in Washington DC

Sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

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