Government Regulators Community Meeting

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has members that work in over 500 government offices around the world, and GBA hosts a monthly roundtable of government regulators. The roundtable is a high-level collaborative group open to current and former government regulators operating in a closed-door manner under Chatham House Rules.

Through the meetings of the Regulator Working Group, government regulators assemble on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss issues, concerns, best practices, and share lessons learned. Specifically, the discussion centers on the impact of cryptocurrency adoption on financial institutions and governments. The group explores the various global experiences in regulatory approaches to cryptocurrencies (also referred to as crypto assets or digital assets).

As this is an emerging issue area, regulators at all levels of knowledge/engagement/ and understanding of cryptocurrencies are welcome. The goal will be to build a supportive community of public sector representatives who may come together to support awareness and understanding.

This event is open to any government employee. However, only government employees are invited to attend.

This event is the first Wednesday of every month at the times below:

7:00 AM Los Angeles
8:00 AM Denver
9:00 AM Dallas
10:00 AM New York
2:00 PM London
3:00 PM Paris
3:00 PM Berlin
3:00 PM Lagos
4:00 PM Beirut
6:00 PM Dubai
7:00 PM Islamabad
7:30 PM New Delhi
10:00 PM Shanghai
10:00 PM Singapore

This event is open to government employees or former government regulators. To receive an invitation to attend, please select the Government Regulators Discussion (Recuring) and register below.

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