State of Cryptocurrency

Join the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) each month as we discuss the state of cryptocurrency adoption and the impact that it is having on individuals, organizations, and governments. Each month the GBA Mining & Cryptocurrency hosts an open/public meeting to share information and to support the building of a global community of experts that connect, communicate, and collaborate. We meet online. Here are the details:

When:  4th Tuesday of every month at

12:00 PM  Los Angeles
1:00 PM    Denver
2:00 PM   Dallas
3:00 PM   New York
7:00  PM  London
8:00 PM  Paris
8:00 PM  Berlin
8:00 PM  Lagos
9:00 PM  Beirut
11:00 PM Dubai
12:00 AM Islamabad
12:30 AM New Delhi

Where: Online at

See the full schedule of GBA Mining & Cryptocurrency Events


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