Blockchain Ambassadors Evening Reception

Due to the spike in COVID cases from the Delta variant, Government Blockchain Week and all Receptions have been postponed until the spring of 2022.

Step back in time for an evening of elegance to connect with change agents of the future.

September 28, 2021/ Washington DC. Blockchain Ambassadors, part of Government Blockchain Week, will be the first of 3 Evening Receptions. Modeled after a Kennedy-era Reception, this networking event will be a chance to rub elbows with blockchain trailblazers from around the world. Finance Ministers, Statesmen, and Blockchain Experts of every kind will be on the list of attendees, ripe with networking opportunities. Truly, this night will be a gathering of blockchain ambassadors. But don’t be fooled by the wandering strings, sumptuous hors d’oeuvres, or cigars on the patio, clearly, the night has a commercial purpose.

Held in the historic Whittemore House in Washington DC, upon every hour on the hour, applicants will be able to sign up to host 20-minute Parlor Talks in the grand rooms of the mansion. Gathering together an audience, hosts will present their blockchain ideas with panache.

Some of the Parlor Talks already scheduled are:

  • What’s Happening in Boston
  • Reinventing Higher Education, the Web3 Way
  • Decentralized Identity
  • Adoption of Crypto
  • Stopping $30 Billion in Global Payment Fraud with Blockchain
  • Enabling Decentralized Security Through Distributed Ledger
  • The County of Riverside, CA Reimagines the Public Records Validation Process using Amazon Managed Blockchain


The stage is being set for influencers to forge a new direction.  Step into history and walk through the halls where Presidents met with friends and foes. Meet the men and women who are bringing blockchain solutions to governments around the world. Disruptive technology will shape a new century, and it is unfolding at Blockchain Ambassadors.

Dress: Party attire. No jeans, please.

During an exciting Government Blockchain Week, the Blockchain Ambassadors Evening Reception will surely be one of the memories you take home with you.

Tickets are on sale now.


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