Blockchain & Infrastructure Hybrid Event

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On Tuesday, August 10, the Senate voted 69-30 to approve a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. A reaction to this historic piece of legislation is now rippling through the blockchain community. What, exactly, will this bill do to cryptocurrency adoption, mining, and governance? At the same time, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has announced they will begin accepting cryptocurrency as legal tender. A clash is looming in the distance, and it’s gaining momentum.

Legislators, regulators, and administrators are faced with two brutal realities. Blockchain and digital assets are racing past exiting laws and regulations at a breakneck speed. At the same time, finding trusted resources and educational opportunities relevant to government legislators and regulators on the topic of blockchain technology and digital assets is difficult if not impossible.

Regulating this industry is a challenging task considering its diverse roles in economic development, national sovereignty, global competitiveness, and privacy. Blockchain also holds the promise of social progress, inclusion, and digital equity. The issues related to this technology do not fall across traditional right and left boundaries, and they challenge paradigms related to the bedrock of financial systems, technology, and governance.

Two-Day Educational Seminar

Blockchain & Infrastructure, a 2-Day Hybrid event, will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology, government use cases, and the legal, regulatory, economic, and governance implications.

During this event participants will:

  • Be introduced to the history and underlying drivers of bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Discuss why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are important.
  • Learn a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • Explore legal and regulatory considerations.
  • Discuss blockchain use cases, benefits, and risks.
  • Government vs governance, a new paradigm
  • Impact of blockchain & cryptocurrency on state and local governance
  • Impact of blockchain & cryptocurrency on national governance, and international relations

The Educational Seminar will be a blended event with both in-person and online participation. Participants can network with other in-person and online attendees via a conference networking app.

Evening Reception

On Tuesday evening, September 28, join legislators, regulators, administrators, blockchain associations, and industry leaders for a catered evening reception in one of Washington’s most prestigious and luxurious venues, the Whittemore House. This beautiful mansion has been at the hub of Washington, DC history and politics for decades. Designed and built for Sarah Adams Whittemore, a direct descendent of John and Henry Adams, the Whittemore House has been home to members of congress, business tycoons, and cabinet secretaries.

Network with local, state, national, and global leaders as we shape the future of money, governance, and the law.



  • The 2-Day Educational Seminar will be a blended event with both in-person and online participation.
  • Dates: September 27 ‚Äď 28, 2021
  • Location: Washington, DC and Virtual

Tickets Available

2-Day Educational Seminar

  • Government Employees: Free
  • Online Access: $99
  • GBA Members: $199
  • Non-GBA Members: $299

Evening Reception

  • GBA Members: $99
  • Non-GBA Members: $149

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Display Tables during the reception are $1,000.

Contact for details.

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