GBA A Supporting & Participating Partner in of the Blackarrow India Conference: Blockchain Real Estate (BIRE)

GBA is a major supporting organization ofĀ  Blackarrow Conference’sĀ  BIRE virtual event scheduled for September 9th. ( Blockarrow isĀ  conference producing company based out of Mumbai & Jakarta, India.)

I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be joining a roster of global blockchain and real estate experts and presenting in a panel session on theĀ  “Legal Challenges of Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Sector”.


Blackarrow’sĀ BLOCKCHAIN in REAL ESTATEĀ online conference will showcase global blockchain and real estate experts sharing their expertise and hands-on knowledge toĀ global delegatesĀ on topics such as:

  • Blockchain in Real Estate – Opportunities & Benefits
  • Enabling Efficient Processing of Financing & Payments
  • Transparency in Property Title Managment
  • Reliable Connectivity Between Sellers & Buyers
  • Tamper-proof Record Keeping & Contracts Management
  • Tokenization of Real Estate Assets
  • Due Diligence & Financial Evaluation Process
  • ā€‹Managing the Supply Chain & Logistics Processes





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