GBA Leader Nominated For US Department of Education Rule Making Committee

For the past two years, Gerard Dache has been working on a project focusing on the US Student Loan Debt Crisis. The lack of transparency in the program has resulted in $Trillions of losses for both borrowers and taxpayers. Mr. Dache & others think that blockchain could be a big part of the solution going forward.

Recently, Mr. Dache has been nominated to lead the US Department of Education’s Negotiated Rulemaking Committee. If selected, his appointment will provide a powerful and unique opportunity to educate other members of the Committee and those constituencies served by the US Department of Education on how to use blockchain technology-based solutions to solve problems faced by government entities.

Your support of his nomination would be very much appreciated. It would allow him to propose regulations related to higher education practices and issues, including a blockchain framework to manage data. His appointment to the federal committee will open a direct line of communication between state agencies and the US Department of Education to accomplish the following goals:

  • The establishment of a national Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)
  • The implementation of a transparent¬†audit policy of student loan tracking
  • The creation of a statewide open-source platform
  • The administration of a federal student loan smart contract addressing¬†the student loan debt crisis, bringing relief to 45 million student loan borrowers while strengthening the solvency of the program.

Call to Action:
If you would be willing to support his nomination, please send an email to Vanessa Gomez ( before August 31, 2021, and let her know that you support the nomination. You can also call her at (202) 453-6708.

For more information about this, see, A Proposed Rule by the US Education Department, Intent to Establish Rulemaking Committee, Negotiated Rulemaking Committee; Negotiator Nominations and Schedule of Committee Meetings, Docket ID ED-2021-OPE-0077, 86 FR 43609, (Aug. 10, 2021),

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