Let’s talk Sustainable Smart Cities


“Smart Cities use connected technology and data to (1) improve the efficiency of city service delivery (2) enhance the quality of life for all (3) increase equity and prosperity for residents and businesses” – Chelsea Collier.
Smart City initiatives are popping up everywhere. From the Middle East to the desert of Nevada, huge megalopolises are planned from the ground up whose promise offer to bring a more critical, attainable and maintainable quality of lifestyle to those who inhabit them.
From transportation, air and water quality, voting, public services to the way we conduct our day to day business, Smart Cities and the products and services driving them are poised to impact our lives in positive ways. Some not yet even imagined!
As these visions arise from the sands, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is helping lead the conversation amongst all the stakeholders- government, private enterprises and individuals to ensure that they have an opportunity to contribute and find value in this new age.
Join us on Sept 24th at noon EST on Clubhouse at – https://www.clubhouse.com/event/xBX6zOw7 as the Sustainable Environmental Stewardship holds an open Forum discussion around Smart City efforts and their impact on our lives today.



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