Blockchain & Infrastructure Post Release

Blockchain & Infrastructure Post Release

GBA addressed the eroding of the US dollar, along with the rising of cryptocurrency use during its recent Blockchain & Infrastructure event.

In August of 2021, the US Senate approved the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, as part of the $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill. Language in this bill suggests that $28 Billion in funding will come from enforcing tax-reporting requirements on cryptocurrency brokers. In response, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) partnered with a coalition of blockchain associations to present Blockchain & Infrastructure, a two-day hybrid event coupling an educational seminar with a networking reception. Aimed at educating government policymakers, Blockchain & Infrastructure addressed the impact of cryptocurrency adoption on government, along with other financial trends that are outpacing regulatory understanding. Renowned leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, such as Dr. Scott Stornetta, one of the founders of blockchain technology, and Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of Cardano and one of the original creators of Ethereum, brought their insights to the current landscape.

Streamed to over 11,000 individual IP addresses, Blockchain & Infrastructure was aimed at educating governments on this movement which will surely affect national finances, and national governance.

The live event, stepping into the remains of a COVID world, was attended by over 200 guests and culminated in an evening reception at the Whittemore House, where Ambassadors, a cypto-billionaire, blockchain leaders, and government policymakers were able to take the discussion to a more specific application. In this elaborate and historic mansion, deals were made that will certainly affect the trajectory and the infrastructure of blockchain for the future.

As blockchain technology continues to impact our world, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), will continue to provide high content events to help the public and private sectors to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Join the GBA community in January for The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law; live in Washington DC, and streamed globally.

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