Healthcare Working Group Current Events – Screaming 20’s update

I vote that we call the second decade of the 21st century, The Screaming 20ā€™s.

Whatever we call it, it has certainly gotten off to a cacophonous start. First COVID, thenā€¦.well, you can all fill in the blanks with what has happened since.

Now that the first quarter of 2022 is in the rearview mirror, I feel confident in saying, in these raucous times we live, I personally get no greater satisfaction than in working with others to build something greater than ourselves.Ā 

Community is everything, in my bookā€¦some of the best action happens when a diverse and engaged community rolls up its sleeves to collectively solve a problem.Ā 

Iā€™m happy to say, a strong and diverse community is what we have cultivated with the GBA Healthcare Working Group. Iā€™ve been working with the HWG since 2019 and Iā€™ve had the good fortune of meeting and collaborating with some truly great thinkers and doers from healthcare, technology and innovation. I continue to be encouraged that the knowledge we are sharing will lead to creating solutions that will serve humanity.

So, what is the HWG up to lately? Glad you asked.Ā 

Following the publication of our white paper in 2020, ā€œBlockchain Ethical Design Framework for Healthcareā€, we have been working together to create assets for the framework to share with the healthcare community. These assets are meant to provide guidance from an ethical perspective to organizations that are thinking about applying the efficiencies of blockchain to their health-centric use cases and workflows. We are very fortunate to have input and participation from members of ACT-IAC and HIMSS in building tools for the BED Framework for Healthcare and are looking forward to continued progress in bringing this guidance to the public.

In addition, The Blockchain in Healthcare Roundtable discussions that are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month have been gaining participants and popularity. Conversations are always informative and, well, community-building. If you want to learn more about the intersection of blockchain technology and healthcare or hear from industry participants on the subject, this is a good forum to check out. Bring your thoughts and questions and be ready to engage with us.

So, I am happy to report that community building is alive and well, and we are making continual gains in the healthcare innovation niche. And thank goodness because collaboration is the way I foresee we will get things done in The Screaming 20s.Ā 

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