Healthcare Working Group Current Events – Connect With Us at the Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Conference, May 25th – 27th in Washington DC

I gotta say, the last couple weeks of May have always been an invigorating time for me.

Personally, it signals the beginning of summer and all of the warm weather I’ve been craving since October. We get to trade overcoats for T-shirts, and long pants for shorts, and I start living by the adage, “Sun’s Out Guns Out”.

This year however has fostered a different kind of excitement. The GBA’s second conference of 2022, themed around Blockchain and Sustainable Economic Growth, happens during the last week before Memorial Day and will be a great opportunity to connect with members of the Healthcare Working Group.

Several members of the GBA HWG will be presenters and keynote speakers during the event (including Dr. Ann Ingraham from Exponential Health Tech Advisors, Maria Esquela from Enable Alliance, and Pradeep Goel from Solve.Care) sharing their perspectives and experiences with blockchain adoption in the healthcare space.

I’ll be in attendance as well, promoting some of the cool projects the HWG is working on now, and soliciting feedback from anyone who wants to vibe with me about the Blockchain Ethical Design Framework for Healthcare White Paper, the future of healthcare and blockchain technology, data privacy and ownership, or the fact that summertime is finally here and we get to be around each other without a sneeze guard. For the most part.

If you’re in attendance at the conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, May 25th through the 27th, please come say hi!

Hope to see you there…


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