GBA is Building Bridges

GBA is building bridges of communication between the public and the private sectors.

In the wake of crumbling cryptocurrency exchanges, opposing narratives, hostile world views, and, ultimately, a lack of the truth, what remains steadfast?

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a membership organization comprised of members from around the world to promote and perfect the ethical, transparent, and immutable use of blockchain technology to solve world challenges. GBA is the bridge that is helping the public and the private sectors connect, communicate, and collaborate over everything blockchain.

GBA is not funded by any government agency, crypto exchange, mega social media network, or anonymous backer with a secret agenda. GBA is supported, dollar by dollar, by its members who want this association to remain neutral, honest, and trustworthy.

With that model, brick by brick, the GBA community is building bridges that will remain steadfast through disruption. But to finish the task we have started, we need your help. To continue construction, GBA depends on the generosity of people like you.

Would you consider making an end-of-the-year donation today?

Your generous donation will enable us to continue to build bridges of reliable communication between the public and the private sectors.


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