AI Tools Now Available for GBA Members

For the past few months the GBA has been working with Plato on developing open-source research and intelligence solutions for the GBA Community.

Plato is an open-source data platform that collects, analyzes, and presents curated, real-time information across 33 industries and 33 languages. The platform uses the latest in generative AI to deliver sector specific intelligence in an ultra-safe and secure environment.

During our upcoming event, Blockchain & Infrastructure РThe Rise of AI we will be introducing PlatoAi to the GBA community. I want to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the conference in-person or virtually.

The program we put together brings to the forefront the latest in AI as it relates to our respective initiatives. The community support of GBA continues to grow because of members like yourself so we encourage you to get involved and be part of what we are doing and what we represent.

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