GBA Releases Model Law For Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets

Approximately 150 nations around the world do not have a cryptocurrency or Digital Asset law on their books. And, while there are several national and international organizations publishing glossaries and taxonomies, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has reviewed and studied many of these proposals and has drafted the language for governments to be able to download, review, introduce to their legislatures, debate, and approve laws. If many countries start from the same starting point, we will eventually be able to establish regional and international norms that would create a stable regulatory environment. Please feel free to download the draft and provide your comments.

Cryptocurrency and Exchange Act of 2024

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To promote inclusion and international cooperation, we are inviting people interested in strong international cooperation on best practices and standards for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to a series of round table discussions on the Model Cryptocurrency and Exchange Act of 2024.

The Roundtable Discussion will be on August 14th and August 15th. To attend one or more of the Roundtable Discussions, please register at

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