2019-01-05 GBA HC Working Group Minutes

Healthcare & Life-Sciences Working Group’s Docs 02 Minutes 2019-01-05 GBA HC Working Group Minutes

Government Blockchain Association (GBA)
Healthcare Working Group Minutes
January 5, 2019



Mirko De Malde (Call Moderator)
Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Sam Nathens
Wassim Merheby
Gerard Dache (Scribe)

Brennan Bennett
Miles Vaughn
Ruth Amos
Seth Pichette
Susana Esteban
Gordon Jones
Javier Vazquez
Maria Marenco

We stared late (about 15 minutes) because of technology issues.  We discussed making the organizer code available to a wider group in case the organizer has challenges with wifi or access.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Interested Parties – Gerard notified the group that people from the Harvard Medical School and MIT had interest in our Working Group activities.  Sam Nathens volunteered to interface with them because he lives in close proximity to both Harvard and MIT.
  2. Standards & Slides Structure – The Standard will describe the required content.  However, the attached slides will be modular and may be applicable globally, by region or by country.  People may select the slide presentations that best fits their area.  As long as the slides comply with the standard, there may be many variations.
  3. Module 1 Review – Gerard explained that the basic concept behind Module 1 – Mega-trends & Intro to Blockchain was to describe the mega-trends and to provide a brief introduction to all of the other modules that would follow.  Remember that “Blockchain Foundation is a prerequisite for this course.  Several feedback items were discussed and Gerard asked each reviewer to post their comments on the module page.  He would incorporate their comments so that we could discuss the feedback and response next week.  Gerard asked reviewers to identify both the slide number and the slide title to help him map the feedback with the slide in the event that slide numbers changed.
  4. Module 8 Review – Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes led a discussion about this Module 8 – Blockchain Value-Based Healthcare and we discussed different approaches about how we would address the various insurance payment models.  Comments should be recorded on the feedback portion of the page.
  5. Glossary – We discussed maintaining a glossary in the General folder and agreed that repetition of terms would be useful to normalize the terms and help to improve the overall content flow later.  The glossary will be maintained in the general working group folder.
  6. Technology Database – We agreed to coordinate with Blockchain Application Architecture Working Group to develop a database of platforms to be used by this and other working groups.  This database can be used by all working groups to conceptualize features and functionalities for use cases.
  7. Donor Project – Wassim will be the project leader.  However, he and their team will be very busy until mid-February.  Mirko suggested that he could help get the project started by beginning the meetings.  Gerard suggested that we begin to identify the stakeholders in organ donation programs around the world and begin to inform and educate them about what the GBA Organ Donation Project led by Dhonor is doing.  Wassim agreed to send us news and keep us up to date, this project team would help to get the word out.  Wassim thanked the group and stated that it was more than he could expect. Gerard asked fora testimonial that GBA could use to let people know about the value of GBA.  We also talked about Wassim’s 15-year-old son, Ryan and the amazing work he has done in the field of AI and blockchain.  The GBA would like to recognize and promote his accomplishments.
  8. GBA Healthcare Specialist Certification – Gerard let everyone know that Mari Greenberger, Director of Informatics at HIMSS  had emailed Gerard with several questions about the certification program and requirements.  The questions should are very good and should be used as discussion items as we define the certification program.  They have been posted on the Program Certification Page that we will transition into the certification program description.

Next Steps

  1. Please log into the GBA site and review the HC WG Training-program Project Plan and update it with the modules that you would volunteer to lead or participate on the team.
  2. Use the folders to begin to collect the module description, learning objectives and possible content for your modules.
  3. Gerad will coordinate with Sam to liaison with local universities and the Blockchain Application Architecture Working Group.
  1. Miscellaneous Notes
    1. None

For questions or comments about this working group, please contact:
Mirko – www.gbaglobal.org/members/mirkodm/profile
Maria – www.gbaglobal.org/members/mia/profile or
Brennan – www.gbaglobal.org/members/bbennettblockchainhealthcarereview-com/profile