2019-01-12 GBA HCWG Minutes

Government Blockchain Association (GBA)
Healthcare Working Group Minutes
January 12, 2019



Mirko De Malde (Call Moderator)
Wassim Merheby
Javier Vazquez
Maria Marenco
Gerard Dache (Scribe)

Brennan Bennett
Miles Vaughn
Ruth Amos
Seth Pichette
Susana Esteban
Gordon Jones

Topics Discussed:

  • Reviewed Minutes From Last Week¬†‚Äď Gerard thought he had lost the minutes from last week (Turns out they were just saved in a different folder and have been restored to the correct location).
  • Standards & Slides Review Status – Below is the current state of the development and status of the course.
Module Title Lead Members Learning Objectives Presentation Comments
1 Healthcare Megatrends & Introduction to blockchain Technologies Gerard Dache Gerard Dache
Javier Vazquez
Drafted Reviewed
2 Blockchain in healthcare ‚Äď The wide picture Wassim Merheby
Sam Nathens
3 Blockchain in clinical trials management Siddhi Trivedi Siddhi Trivedi
4 Blockchain in Data management/access/ Control + Consent management Miles Vaughn
Ruth Amos
Sam Nathens
Mirko DeMalde
Initial Draft
5 Blockchain in Drugs supply chain and anti-counterfeiting Wassim Merheby
6 Blockchain in Insurances ‚Äď claims management/frauds reduction ‚Äď Susana Esteban
Gerard to ask Johnny Nobles
7 Blockchain in improving administrative processes Susana Esteban
8 Blockchain in a value-based healthcare system Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Gordon Jones
Outline Drafted
9 New business models in healthcare and the role of tokenization Brennan Bennett
10 From acute care to prevention ‚Äď The role of blockchain in 4Ps medicine focus on the evolution of the care delivered by healthcare providers
11 Regulatory such as HIPAA and GDPR Miles Vaughn
Ruth Amos
Javier Vazquez
Sam Nathens
12 Technical Implementation and Challenges Sam Nathens
13 Business Challenges Sam Nathens
14 Cultural Challenges Susana Esteban
Sam Nathens
  • ¬†Module 4 Review¬†‚Äď Mirko uploaded Module 4 and we reviewed it as a group and provided our feedback in the document page. Maria will upload her comments as an attachment to the presentation.
  • Donor Project¬†‚Äď Wassim will be the project leader.¬† However, he and their team will be very busy until the end of February.¬† Wassim shared with those of us on the phone about a press release that will be available after January 15th and indicated that their project will be looking for partners globally to participate in Join Ventures and Licencing arrangements globally.¬† Please contact¬†Wassim Merheby¬†to discuss any potential business relationships involving organ, blood donation programs along with a healthy – lifestyle app that uses AI to promote healthier lifestyles.
  • GBA Healthcare Specialist Certification¬†‚Äď Gerard let everyone know that¬†Mari Greenberger,¬†Director of Informatics at HIMSS¬† had emailed Gerard with several questions about the certification program and requirements.¬† The questions should are very good and should be used as discussion items as we define the certification program.¬† They have been posted on the¬†Program Certification Page¬†that we will transition into the certification program description.
  • We have proposed moving this meeting to a twice per month meeting (2nd and 4th Saturday of each month).¬† We will also have the Organ & Blood Donation Project Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month starting in March.

Next Steps

  1. Please log into the GBA site and review the HC WG Training-program Project Plan and update it with the modules that you would volunteer to lead or participate on the team.
  2. Use the folders to begin to collect the module description, learning objectives and possible content for your modules.
  3. Mirko will share login credentials with other members of the team in case he is not available to start the meeting and he will revise the information on the group page to accurately represent the new meeting schedule.
  1. Miscellaneous Notes
    1. None

For questions or comments about this working group, please contact:
Mirko ‚Äď www.gbaglobal.org/members/mirkodm/profile
Maria ‚Äď www.gbaglobal.org/members/mia/profile or
Brennan ‚Äď www.gbaglobal.org/members/bbennettblockchainhealthcarereview-com/profile