2019-02-06 Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group Minutes

Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group’s Docs 02 Minutes 2019-02-06 Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group Minutes

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  1. Introductions РPreston has joined the call from GBA member company, CALIBRE Systems.  He is technical and responsible for strategic decisions and investments for CALIBRE.  He may continue on the project team pending decisions from CALIBRE leadership.
  2. White Paper Review РWe reviewed the GBA Token White Paper version 1.0 since Preston was new to the call.  Preston asked about what the short and long-term value would be for CALIBRE to participate in the project. The response was that short-term, it would be an opportunity to collaborate with others in the space and develop skills, capabilities, and past-performance, to support winning future work.  Long-term, tokens would be awarded based on contributions and those tokens could be used to pay for renewals, training, and other GBA related products and services.  Note GBA membership has just increased from $5,000 to $20,000 and GBA Tokens could be used to pay for renewals.  However, it was made very clear that there is no defined expectation of token value.  It is too early in the legal, technical and economic analysis to predict or commit to any expectation of token value.  This is an experiment and a learning opportunity.
  3. Legal Review РGerard explained that he had submitted a previous version of the Whitepaper to the SEC on their portal (in October 2018) and they responded last week.  Gerard told them that the whitepaper had been updated and offered to provide a point-by-point listing of the legal considerations and our view of how those considerations are addressed by the GBA Token.  They asked us to put that together and submit the revised whitepaper and the legal review for their review and they would provide their feedback and comments.  Mike Bombace (GBA General Counsel) told Gerard earlier on the phone, that nothing should be submitted from this working group about the token project external to GBA without the review and approval of the GBA Legal Counsel (Mike).  Gerard agreed.
  4. Requirements Review РWe briefly reviewed the first draft of the Requirements Specification drafted by Juan Pablo Mejia.  On February 7, Jonathan Lehman and Gerard Dache will continue working on it and review it with Nabeel Malik.
  5. Development Team Composition –¬†Joshua Armah¬†volunteered to be the Lead Architect¬†for the project and¬†Randall¬†Pires¬†volunteered to be the Development Team Lead.¬†Preston Hendrickson¬†said that CALIBRE may participate in the project. However, he would have to get authorization from CALIBRE Senior leadership and is not authorized to make any commitments on behalf of CALIBRE.¬† Gerard & Preston will discuss it on¬†February 7th during a pre-arranged meeting at CALIBRE.¬† Gerard suggested that¬†Preston Hendrickson¬†contact¬†Joshua Armah¬†and Randall¬†Pires at least make an introduction.¬† Preston agreed.

The call ended at about 6:45 PM.