2023-09 Blockchain, & Infrastructure (Artificial Intelligence)

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This document is used to capture the topics that we will discuss during the Blockchain & Infrastructure Conference in September.  Please add your comments below about possible topics.  Test editzxx

Session Topic Subtopics Enhancements
Keynote The Convergence of Blockchain and AI Evolution, Intersection, Real-world Applications Invited Speakers
Panel Discussion Blockchain and AI in Infrastructure Smart Cities, Energy, Transportation Audience Q&A
Workshop Building AI-Driven Blockchain Systems Architecture, Hands-on Session, Q&A Live Demonstrations
Case Study Presentations Success Stories and Lessons Learned Healthcare, Supply Chain, Financial Services Interactive Discussions
Startup Pitch Competition Emerging Innovations in Blockchain and AI Pitch Presentations, Judging, Awards Exposure for Startups
Networking Sessions Building Connections in the Blockchain and AI Community Networking Lunches, Coffee Breaks, Events Facilitate Collaboration
Roundtable The Future of Blockchain and AI Predictions, Challenges, Closing Remarks Invited Speakers
Post-Conference Resources Continuing Education Access to Slides, Recordings, Reading Materials Ongoing Learning

These enhancements aim to create a more dynamic, inclusive, and interactive conference experience, fostering a deeper understanding of blockchain and AI and their potential to drive global transformation.

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