Blockchain for Financial Professionals Project Plan

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Project Goals

Communications Plan

Roles & Responsibilities

Name Role Email Location
Frank Mustari Member Alexandria, VA, USA
Gerard Dache Member Farifax, VA, USA
Kathy Dache Member Fairfax, VA, USA



Course Outline

  1. Introduction 

  2. Economic Sovereignty 

    1. Understanding the new capital flight 

    2. Governance of the money supply & inflation 

    3. International, national & local sovereignty 

    4. Government sovereignty vs consensus algorithms 

  3. Global and national banking

    1. Role of the central banks 
    2. Fractional reserve lending 
  4. Government revenue collection 

    1. Monitoring & taxing cryptocurrency 

    2. Token generation, air drops, & mining 

    3. Alternative revenue sources 

      1. Government tokens 

      2. Smart contracts 

    4. Identifying & reducing tax evasion, & fraud 

    5. Government budget, accounting, & transparency