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One of the GBA Member Training Companies is planning on delivering a Certified Blockchain Consulting Course that uses healthcare examples and use cases to communicate the blockchain information.  They are requesting help from the Healthcare Working Group.  They have also offered to make the final Blockchain Healthcare Specialist Course available to all members of this working group.  They have also requested that this working group establish standards that can be eventually used to offer a GBA Healthcare Certification.

The listing or the course that they plan to offer is here:

Your thoughts, comments or willingness to join a project to develop content standards for a GBA Healthcare Specialist Training Certification would be gratefully appreciated.  If you are willing to join this project, please edit this post to include your name and contact information.  We will schedule a weekly call to discuss this.

Here are some thoughts about possible learning objectives:

• Determine which healthcare use cases are (and are not) appropriate for blockchain solutions
• Describe how blockchain technology intersects with privacy issues like HIPPA and GDPR
• Describe how blockchain technologies can provide a shared ledger of activities and status between different actors in the healthcare ecosystem.
• Describe potential workflows for the collection, use and reporting of individual and public health data using blockchain technologies
• Identify and describe the features and limitations of several blockchain platforms as they relate to healthcare data
• Describe how financial and biological data can be collected, recorded, aggregated and reported using blockchain technologies and describe the privacy impacts and concerns related to the benefit of public health management
• Identify and describe the major actors in a healthcare ecosystem and describe potential data flows.

Project Team

Dr. Gordon Jones

Steve Wishstar

Gerard Dache

Dr. Natalie Pankova

Siddhi Trivedi

Maria Marenco