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This document describes the process for proposing, developing, and publishing GBA courses on the Government Blockchain Training Academy (GBTA) portal. GBA Course authors receive 25% of all revenue received from online content posted on the GBLA Portal.


The GBA encourages GBA members to develop blockchain related courses and to publish them on the Government Blockchain Training Academy portal. Courses must be related to a Working Group. The Working Groups shall review and approve the proposal to develop the course and the completed course. Once the appropriate Working Group and the Education Curriculum Development Working Group approve the course, it is published on the portal. If the course is a paid online course, the course creator(s) receive 25% of the revenue received by students taking the course. The course authoring revenue is shared amongst the authors based on a split negotiated and determined by the Working Group Leader.

Process Description

Any GBA Working Group member may propose a course to be listed on the GBLA. The process includes the following steps:

    1. The GBA member completes a Course Development Plan and submits it to the appropriate Working Group Leader and the Education Curriculum Working Group Leader.
    2. Once approved, the course author(s) develop the course in accordance with this document and submits the course to the Education Curriculum Working Group Leader for review and approval.
    3. Once the course has been reviewed and approved, Education Curriculum Working Group Leader works with the GBA Technical Team to publish the course on the learning portal.

Training Standards

Course Structure

The course is composed of modules. Each module is no more than 30 minutes of presentation. Each module concludes a 3-5 question quiz. The course includes a final exam.


The slides include the GBA Logo from the GBA Style Page


The videos are not permitted to include any music or content that may be copyrighted or that may violate anyone else’s copyright or intellectual property claims.

Presentation Tips

      1. Write a script or bullet points and rehearse the presentation several times before recording the final version.
      2. The presenter should be looking into the camera.