GBW Speaker Information

GBW Speaker Information

Thank you for volunteering to speak during Government Blockchain Week. This page will provide the information you need to have a successful experience during the event series. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or we can do anything to make this experience better.

Planning Meetings

We have a weekly call to plan and prepare for government week. It is every Tuesday at 11:00 AM (Washington, DC Time) at You will receive a calendar invitation to join the meeting. If you have not received it, please let Gerard know.

Helpful Links

Points of Contact

Role Name Email Phone
Event Director Kathy Dache +1-703-474-4917
Event Coordinator Luna Hernandez +954-673-5515
Programming Rob Perry +1-717-304-2577
Logistics Jessica Murphy +1-608-443-9225
Hotel & Accommodations Erica Harris +1-360-474-7550
Diplomatic Liason Nitin Nanda +372-56631454
Sponsorship Robert Levin +1-917-293-5544
Sponsorship Jovan Marjanovic +1-703-342-7402
Website Support Jordan Dache +1-703-475-2034
Audio Visual Support Evan Smith +1-703-615-3555
Press & Media Evan Harris +1-916580-9156
Conference Networking App Greg Magarshak +1-718-288-0383
Finance & Accounting Kevin Gottlieb +1-703-300-6828
Training Coordinator Eric Guthrie +1-704-516-2180
Event PoC: State & Local Silvio Frank Pupo-Casco +1-818-564-6708
Event PoC:  BC, Intl Aid & Dev Peter Johnson
Event PoC: BC for Small Business Alisa Gus +1-502-648-2472
Event PoC: BC for Small Business Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes +305-903-5586
Event PoC: State & Local Aleks Vorobets +1-916-416-5069
Event PoC: FoMGL Bryant Neilson +1-212-335-0097
Event PoC: Reception Davis Pfund +1-443-834-6568
Event PoC: Reception Dylan Nunn +1-202-607-9156
Site PoC: British Embassy Hadiza Joy Bamgbose +1-202-213-9011
Site PoC: DC Government Donald Lovett +1-703-434-1660
Site PoC: US Dept of Commerce Jean-Robert Baguidy +1-202-482-1015
Site PoC: Bahrain Embassy Thomas Bezas +1-571-332-4365
Site PoC: Library of Congress Steve Olson +1-410-707-1343
Site PoC: US Capitol Bill Rockwood +1-202-679-0600

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