Governance Document Improvement Project

GBA Program Management Office (PMO) Group’s Docs Governance Document Improvement Project


The purpose of this project is to review the existing GBA Governance documents and to revise them so that they accurately describe the expectations and operational processes for GBA leaders. A secondary goal of this project is to streamline and consolidate the documents to maximize eas of use and a consistent understanding across the GBA global operational environment.


The set of documents that is in scope for this project are all documents that describe the roles, responsibilities, and activities of all GBA members that have an executive, management, or leadership role in the organization.


The PMO (Rob Perry) will facilitate a regular call with the members of this group to review the GBA organizational documents and will propose changes to the existing suite of documents to streamline and improve the communication of expectations to GBA management and leadership members. The group will report out two or more documents that include:

  • GBA Bylaws
  • One or more document that describes the roles, responsibilities, activities, and processes for GBA management and leadership staff

Topics addressed must include the following topics:

  • Supporting membership growth
  • Serving and supporting GBA members
  • Management of intellectual property
  • Confidentiality, privacy, and security
  • Financial accountability & oversight
  • Other topics as deemed appropriate by the PMO Group

The outputs of the PMO Group will be reviewed by the GBA Management Team and submitted to the GBA Board for approval.


The links below are to the GBA governance documents. Please click on the links to download the documents.