Growth opportunity and partnership

Growth opportunity and partnership

Project Name: Digital Dollar Coin                  Website:


  • Listing announcement
  • ICO investor lead generation
  • Joint or full ownership


  • Community users build
  • User advertising and motivation
  • Customer service & sales promotion
  • Token sales

Digital Dollar Coin (DDCT) is an established digital token currently being traded on the market. There is constant demand from listing organizations such as IDAX and Bitcratic, among others requesting that DDCT be listed on their platform. DDCT is already listed on Ethx & DDEX, and is tradeable on platform such as ForkDelta.

DDCT is a member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance & GBA. The objective of DDCT is to, in some way; create awareness about environmental issues through trading in the token. The ultimate objective is to have a subset of token owners either transform DDCT LLC into a non-profit to drive education and activities in environmental issues or to create a fresh non-profit for that sole purpose.  DDCT is a wholly incorporated limited liability company registered in Wyoming, USA.

Growth opportunity and partnership is welcome for part or full ownership of DDCT or for advertising and marketing – the most urgent need at this moment. DDCT is simply a tradeable commodity and is not an asset and is therefore not of critical concern to the SEC. 

Consequently, this proposal presents a purposeful and responsive plan for reaching VIP, Active, and Potential Users for Target Marketing, Community Operation, and Marketing & Sales Promotion in a way that will assure success. This is likely to include work done to cover Exchange Platform promotion, including advanced Notice, Information Push, Social Media listing, advertising, and sales promotion, and any other External Mediums required to fulfill continued successful trading.

DDCT currently has over 1,110 holders, a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, with 124,143,091 tokens trading on the market and 875,856,909 in reserve.

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Digital Dollar Coin       Dr. Bernard Henry       1 929 465-4260