This page is used by the GBA Strategic Communications Team to capture requirements, discuss design concepts, upload potential logos, and select the log to be used by the United Nations Internet Governance Forum Blockchain Assurance & Standardization Dynamic Coalition.

Please join the International Standards Meeting Monday at 4:30 PM (New York) to review and discuss the logo requirements, issues, and options.

Also, please attach logo options to this document.

Hi Strat Com Team,

A new batch of logos has just come in. Please look them over and choose your top 1 and 2. We will discuss these logos on Monday, June 26 and (hopefully) choose a logo for the IGF. At least we can choose which ones to modify and move on.




Hi, this is Kathy. I propose we figure out what this logo is representing. What are we stating?

So far, I believe the proposed logo represents UN Internet Governance Forum, GBA, Standards, BMM.  Anything else? My suggestion is that the logo chooses a physical representation of some part of this. Maybe the Colosseum of Rome? A forum? Standards, maybe a famous art piece like the Mona Lisa, (BUT NOT THE MONA LISA), to represent a standard…. Internet, around the globe, maybe microwaves around a globe? One of these ideas, not all of them. Any thoughts? Let’s discuss on Monday. The following logo is Miguel’s initial first draft logo. But since it has the UN leaf wreath, I think it will be disqualified.

Feel free to ideate on this form.



LOGO Requirements

The United Nations Logo can not be used in our logo.


Logo Feedback

Graphic number 3 (DC-BAS_Logo_2.png) in light UN Blue surrounded by block nodes with the center as a globe … but use the UN version of the globe which is centered from the Artic Ocean/North Pole showing all the continents in the center globe. up to discussion on using abbreviation for the session… BAS for Blockchain Assurance and Standardization … we can adjust title text, but avoid BSA abbreviation (too many other associations use that). The Statcom team will review options this week and propose final submissions on Monday.