Keynote from 2019 FASTCON (Future of Ag, Supply Chain and Technology)

Keynote from 2019 FASTCON (Future of Ag, Supply Chain and Technology)

Consumers are losing trust in big food at a time when margins are thin and revenue is flat. So how do large food enterprises not only win back brand loyalty, but also grow a crowded, noisy category?

Strategist Eric Weaver talks about technology solutions to bring back trust, and how while no one solution is a panacea, four technologies can work in concert to provide consumers with the proof they need to maintain and grow brand loyalty. The solution is not so much about investing in these technologies as it is about creating revenue headroom, and product certainty in an uncertain future.

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About the Author

Eric Weaver is the CEO of Transparent Path, a Seattle-based food visibility startup. The company combines printed electronic sensors, riding a 5G IoT network, with a blockchain data ecosystem that can be mined for operational data using predictive analytics. This ambitious venture has attracted top executives from Xerox, Expedia, Amazon, McKinsey, Walmart, and organic food brands. In April 2019, Transparent Path completed its first pilot and is now working with Xerox PARC and others to build out its enterprise-grade MVP.

Weaver has advised over 80 global brands on digital transformation and advanced technologies, including Amazon, BMW, Clorox, eBay, Ford, Jack in the Box, Kraft Foods, Litehouse Foods, Nature’s Path, Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile and many others. He has served as an adjunct lecturer at Dublin City University, the University of Washington, the University of California at Berkeley, and other universities in the US, Canada, Ireland, India and Switzerland.

Weaver speaks globally on business ethics, transparency, food waste, food safety and emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT.