2018-12-08 GBA HCWG Minutes


Brennan Bennett
Miles Vaughn
Mirko De Malde (opened meeting)
Ruth Amos
Susana Esteban
Wassim Merheby

Topics Discussed:

  1.  Architecture РAll other GBA Working Groups are using a three-tiered architecture.   The Working Group decided to follow the same architecture.  It is:
    1. Blockchain Foundations РCommon to all Working Group and developed by the GBA Education Working Group.
    2. Blockchain [Healthcare] Specialist РThis content is specifically relevant to the domain and is developed by the individual working Group.  This content is focussed on the practitioners and addresses use case specific content.  It is designed for the people that must architect, build and deploy systems.
    3. Blockchain [Healthcare] Executive  РThis content is for the strategic and visionary thinker.  It focuses on identifying where we can go and provides students with the tools to implement transformational change.
  2. Models and Content РWe reviewed the Powerpoint Course Design developed by Mirko and all agreed that he was brilliant and decided to adopt the model and contents with the only exception of moving modules 1 and 2 into the second tier and remaining the tiers to be consistent with the other working groups. (Foundations / Blockchain Healthcare Specialist and Blockchain Healthcare Executive).  The presentation that we reviewed can be downloaded at this location:  www.gbaglobal.org/docs/healthcare-certification-ppt/?bp-attachment=Healthcare-Certification.pptx
  3. Module Assignments РThe following people volunteered to develop the learning objectives and possible content for each module:
    • Module 1:¬† ¬† ¬†Healthcare megatrends and introduction to blockchain¬†(Gerard)
    • Module 2:¬† ¬† Blockchain in healthcare – The wide picture (Wassim)
    • Module 3:¬† ¬† Blockchain in Clinical trials management
    • Module 4:¬† ¬†¬†Blockchain in Data management/access/ Control + Consent management¬† (Ruth, Miles)
    • Module 5:¬† ¬†Blockchain in Drugs supply chain and anti-counterfeiting (Wassim)
    • Module 6:¬† ¬†Blockchain in Insurances (claims management/frauds reduction) – (Susana & Gerard to ask Johnny Nobles)
    • Module 7:¬† ¬†Blockchain in improving administrative processes (Susana)
    • Module 8:¬† ¬†Blockchain in a value-based healthcare system (Ingrid)
    • Module 9:¬† ¬†New business models in healthcare and the role of tokenization (Brennan)
    • Module 10: From acute care to prevention ‚Äď the role of blockchain in 4Ps medicine (focus on the evolution of the care delivered by healthcare providers)
    • Module 11:¬† Regulatory such as¬†HIPAA and¬†GDPR (Miles, Ruth)
    • Module 12: Technical Implementation and Challenges
    • Module 13: Business Challenges
    • Module 14: Cultural Challenges¬† (Susana)
  4. Next Steps – Gerard will create subfolders for each module and the volunteers will identify the Learning Objectives and possible content for their respective modules.¬† We will ask¬†Mirko to maintain the overall powerpoint with the learning objectives for each model as the high-level program architecture.¬† We will review everyone’s output next week.
  5. Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Gerard mentioned that we are talking with HIMSS to see if they would like to collaborate on the Blockchain Healthcare Certification. We are just in early talks so there is nothing definite yet. Gerard will keep the working group posted.
    • Wassim noted that we need to correct the URL for Dhonor.¬† It should be www.dHonor.org, not “.io”
    • Wassim is going to ask another organization if they would like to join GBA and participate in our Working Group because they have already created a healthcare ecosystem¬†and it would be a great benefit to all involved.


For questions or comments about this working group, please contact:
Mirko – www.gbaglobal.org/members/mirkodm/profile
Maria – www.gbaglobal.org/members/mia/profile or
Brennan – www.gbaglobal.org/members/bbennettblockchainhealthcarereview-com/profile