Press Release 1: Appointment

Washington D.C., March 6, 2023 – The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mike Derrios, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition & Senior Procurement Executive at the U.S. Department of State, as the leader of the GBA Acquisition Management Working Group.

The newly-formed working group aims to discuss and implement the use of digital assets and blockchain-based smart-contracts in government acquisitions. The group will meet weekly to deliberate on several key objectives, including successfully piloting government acquisitions through blockchain-based smart contracts, proposing changes to acquisition regulations and laws that facilitate smart contract acquisitions, and developing technology and solutions to support the use of smart contracts in government acquisitions. The group includes acquisition and administrators civil servants from national, state, and local governments from around the world.

The GBA is confident that with Mr. Derrios at the helm, the working group will make significant strides towards advancing the adoption of blockchain-based solutions for government acquisitions. His expertise and leadership in procurement and acquisitions at the Department of State will be invaluable in driving the group’s agenda forward.

Mr. Derrios will lead the working group to share the results of their discussions with GBA members, who work in over 500 government offices worldwide. The GBA believes that the outcomes of the working group will have a significant impact on the government’s procurement processes and is excited to support this initiative.

For more information on the Government Blockchain Association and the Acquisition Management Working Group, please visit or Contact:

Gerard Dache
Executive Director
Government Blockchain Association