Quantum Working Group Charter

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Title: Quantum-Blockchain Integration Charter


We, the undersigned entities, recognizing the transformative potential of quantum computing
and blockchain technology, hereby establish this charter to guide the collaborative exploration,
development, and implementation of solutions that leverage the strengths of both quantum
computing and blockchain technologies.


Security First:
Recognizing the evolving landscape of quantum threats, we commit to prioritizing security in our
collaborative efforts. We will actively research, develop, and implement quantum-resistant
cryptographic techniques to safeguard blockchain systems from potential quantum attacks.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among experts in quantum computing,
cryptography, and blockchain technology. Open communication and knowledge-sharing
between these domains will accelerate the development of innovative solutions.

Ethical Considerations:
As we advance the integration of quantum computing and blockchain technology, we pledge to
consider ethical implications and potential societal impacts. Responsible innovation will guide
our efforts to ensure the technology benefits humanity as a whole.

Transparency and Open Source:
We advocate for transparency in our research and development processes. Open-source
principles will be embraced, enabling the broader community to scrutinize, contribute, and build
upon our work.

Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Standards:
Develop and promote standards for quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms within
blockchain protocols to fortify the security of distributed ledger systems against potential
quantum threats.

Research and Development:
Foster a collaborative environment for joint research initiatives aimed at discovering new
quantum algorithms and optimizing existing algorithms for applications in consensus
mechanisms, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

Education and Outreach:
Engage in educational programs to increase awareness and understanding of the intersection of
quantum computing and blockchain technology. Encourage knowledge dissemination to
empower individuals and organizations to navigate this evolving landscape.

Real-world Applications:
Work towards the practical integration of quantum computing capabilities within blockchain
networks, aiming to enhance performance, scalability, and efficiency of blockchain-based


Embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds in our collaborative endeavors, recognizing that
a wide range of expertise is essential for the successful integration of quantum computing and
blockchain technology.

Continuous Improvement:
Commit to ongoing improvement through feedback mechanisms, regular assessments, and
adaptation to emerging technologies and industry standards.

Global Cooperation:
Foster international collaboration, sharing knowledge and resources with the global scientific
and technological community to collectively address challenges and promote advancements.

This charter serves as a foundation for collaborative efforts between the quantum computing
and blockchain communities, fostering innovation and responsible development in this dynamic
and promising intersection of technologies.