RoboCash - Removing Spam Calls while Boosting Campaign and other Telemerketing Effectiveness Using Blockchain

RoboCash is a cell phone app that helps users block unwanted spam calls while helping telemarketers and political campaign callers reach people who are willing to give them some time. RoboCash does this by ignoring unrecognized incoming callers unless the caller places a small deposit towards the user’s time. Once answered, the call must last a certain period of time for an automated refund of the caller’s deposit, or else the user keeps the deposit. Microtransactions are processed on the Nano blockchain, without the user knowing anything about blockchain or private keys (and therefore no learning curve barrier for adoption). RoboCash is platform agnostic and OS-agnostic.

RoboCash is an incubator company of Evo Nexus, an accelerator with an outstanding track record launching companies in the telecommunications technology space. We are now seeking seed and early-stage funding to execute our go-to market strategy to get our technology in the hands of millions of users by the end of the year. For more information see or contact Adrian Garcia (CEO) at,