Space Working Group Charter

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Space Working Group Charter

The Space Working Group is established with the primary goal of leveraging blockchain
technology to enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and transparency of space-related activities
and solutions. This collaborative effort aims to develop innovative solutions for governments and
government agencies involved in space exploration, satellite communication, and related

To explore, develop, and implement blockchain-based solutions that address challenges and
optimize processes within the realm of space exploration and government space programs. The
mission encompasses fostering collaboration, advancing technology, and promoting the
responsible and ethical use of blockchain for the benefit of space-related initiatives.

The Space Working Group’s scope includes, but is not limited to:

1. Blockchain Integration: Explore opportunities to integrate blockchain technology into
space-related systems, communication networks, and data management protocols to
enhance security, transparency, and efficiency.

2. Data Security and Integrity: Develop blockchain solutions to ensure the secure and
tamper-proof storage of critical space-related data, including satellite communications,
mission telemetry, and scientific observations.

3. Smart Contracts in Space Operations: Investigate and implement smart contract
applications for automating and enhancing various aspects of space missions, including
procurement, mission planning, and data sharing agreements.

4. Supply Chain Transparency: Utilize blockchain to improve the transparency and
traceability of the space supply chain, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of
components used in spacecraft and related technologies.

5. International Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and information sharing among
government space agencies by employing blockchain to create secure and standardized
platforms for collaborative space projects.

6. Tokenization for Funding: Explore the potential use of blockchain-based tokens for
funding space missions, fostering public-private partnerships, and enabling new models
for resource allocation in space exploration.

7. Decentralized Space Data Networks: Investigate the development of decentralized and
distributed data networks using blockchain to ensure robustness, reliability, and
availability of space-related information.

8. Ethical and Legal Considerations: Address ethical and legal considerations related to the
use of blockchain in space activities, including data privacy, sovereignty, and
international cooperation.

9. Governance:
The Space Working Group will operate under a transparent and inclusive governance
structure, promoting open communication, collaboration, and decision-making. Regular
meetings, updates, and contributions from all members will be encouraged to ensure
collective progress.

10. Reporting:
Regular progress reports and updates will be shared with members and stakeholders to
ensure transparency and accountability.

This charter is a living document and may be subject to updates and amendments with the
consensus of the working group members.