Stratcom Priorities

Stratcom Priorities

Revenue Generation

  • Grants
  • Investments
  • Sponsorship

Regular Events:

  • GBA Investors & Startups –
  • Voting Working Group –
  • AI for Government – First Tuesday of each month
  • Regulators Community
  • Smart Cities
  • GBA Emergency Working Group
  • GBA Standards Working Group
  • Weekly GBA Call (Send to Internal GBA Only

New Product Releases:

Major – Strategic Projects


Major Events

  • Government Blockchain Week (Sep 27- Oct 1)
    • Sponsorship (For Sponsorship Opportunities, Download the Sponsorship Brochure)
    • GBA Achievement Award (
    • GBA Art Show (



Social Media Campaigns

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Attend one of the Government Blockchain Association’s Spectacular Evening Receptions during the largest, most prestigious Government Blockchain Week ever.

Each reception will be in a different gorgeous venue with interesting people, activities, and unforgettable experiences. For more information, send an email to

Learn about sponsoring by downloading the Sponsorship Brochure.

Hoot Suite June 22
02 Achievement Awards This year the GBA Social Impact Award is sponsored by Bryan Talebi, CEO and Co-Founder of Ahura AI, an artificial intelligence startup that enables people to learn 3x-5x faster than traditional education.

In addition to the GBA Bryan Talebi Award for Social Impact, the GBA will also be handing out achievement awards for Innovation, Leadership & Courage.  The awards will be presented at the United States Capitol during Government Blockchain Week. If you know someone that may be deserving of an achievement Award, please submit their nomination at

Hoot Suite June 21
03 Blockchain for State & Local
04 Blockchain Training During GBW
05 Future of Money, Governance, and the Law
06 Art Show
07 Blockchain, Innovation, & Economic Growth Symposium
08 Pitch Competition
09 Blockchain, International Trade, Development & Aid (British Embassy)
10 Blockchain Ambassadors Evening Reception
11 Legal, Law Enforcement, and Cybersecurity Forum
12 Money, Banking, and Cryptocurrency Forum
13 FinTech Leadership Round Table
14 CryptoNite Evening Reception
15 Inventors & Pioneers Reception

Social Media Campaigns

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6/19/2021 635 3+ Washington, DC Blockchain Govt Relations
Govt Admin
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