Voting Working Group 2020 Roadmap

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The Voting Working Group is planning to accomplish these major goals in 2020. They are:

  1. Government Blockchain Study on the Use of Blockchain for Public Elections
    1. The study will be funded by a consortium of entities with a strategic interest in the integrity of voting systems.  These entities may include the public elections commissions, board of elections, secretaries of state, voting machine manufacturers, and political parties.
    2. The scope of the study will include legal, regulatory, technical, social, and political impacts and implications of the use of this technology. It will include information about organizations that have made progress in this area. It will also include challenges, barriers, constraints, and limitations by the existing elections eco-system.
    3. The results of the study will be distributed publically and the organizations that funded the study will be featured in the report.
    4. The study will be conducted by members of the Voting Working Group and they will be compensated from the funds paid by the sponsor.
  2. Global Voting Innovation Challenges
    1. The Voting Working Group will participate in the 100K Developer Challenge. This program includes developer training followed by hackathons, challenges, and other competitive events hosted by Active GBA Chapters.
    2. The Voting Working Group will create and describe the tasks, rules, and details required to administer the challenges. This includes the criteria for winning the challenges.
  3. Establish a Collaborative Working Environment with Elections Workers and Officials
    1. Broadly communicate that all government employees may join GBA for free and are welcome to join the Voting Working Group.
    2. Listen to, and learn from elections professionals about the challenges, constraints, and opportunities for blockchain solutions.
    3. Work with elections officials to build a body of knowledge that will benefit the integrity of the voting systems.
  4. Promoting GBA Members in the Voting Domain
    1. Promote those who have experience and expertise in the voting industry from our GBA Member Directory (Voting)
    2. Promote organizations that deliver voting solutions in the GBA Organizational Directory (Voting)
    3. Promote businesses that have blockchain voting solutions in the GBA Application & Product Directory

These goals and objectives are incorporated into the GBA 2020 Roadmap.