Working Group Standards

Working Group Leadership Team’s Docs Working Group Standards

The following standards are being proposed in January for review and approval by the advisory committees and if approved, will be adopted in February.

Qualifications for Working Group Leader

  1. Existing Working Group Leaders must at least have a professional GBA membership.
  2. New Working Group Leaders must be Small Corporate Members
  3. Working Group Leaders must schedule and conduct an average of at least two Working Group Calls per month. Conduct of the calls may be delegated if it is not reasonable for them to participate.
  4. Failure to maintain a regular Working Group meeting schedule will result in the removal from the leadership position.
  5. Elections will be conducted annually for Working Group Leaders and there is no limit for the number of times a person may serve as a working group leader.

Working Group Document Management

  1. All working groups will have the following folders located in their GBA Working Group Document repository
    1. Working Group Information
      1. Includes information about the meetings and call logistics
      2. Includes information about the people, organizations and any other information that spans across more than any specific project.
    2. Projects
      1. Subordinate project folders include a project plan, deliverables and any information specifically relevant to the project.
      2. Working Groups may have more than one project at any given time. However, they must have separate folders for each project.
    3. Meeting Minutes
  2. The folders and documents under these three top-tier folders may be organized anyway that the Working Group chooses.
  3. Use of third-party repositories is allowed as long as the following conditions are met:
    1. The Working Group PMO (Rob Perry) and GBA President (Gerard) have access to the repository.
    2. All GBA Working Group Members have access to the repository
    3. No non-GBA members have access to the repository

Active Projects

  1. All Working Groups must have at least one project
  2. The projects result in some value deliverable to the community (as specified by the Working Group)
  3. There is a production schedule described in the project plan
  4. Property rights of any project are determined by the Working Group.

Intellectual Property

GBA Working Groups develop content that has value as intellectual property and each working group project selects one of the following models to establish rules and a common understanding:

  • Protocol: These projects are open to all GBA members, and are creating open source content that is free and available to all group members. Anyone with an interest in the topic is invited to join and collaborate with no
  • Product: These projects are restricted. GBA members may apply to these projects, and in some circumstances, pay a joining or membership fee. These projects work to create a specific product, which group members
    will have exclusive rights to. These projects will develop a charter at the beginning of the project, specifying access, membership requirements, and how the product may be used once completed. If the project
    determines it needs a budget to function properly, it may charge a joining or membership fee, and the proceeds will be used to fund the budget (after paying an administrative fee to GBA Global). The charter will define
    when GBA members may submit applications and the process for the project to approve new participants.

Development Platforms