GBA Advisory Boards & Strategic Priorities

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has established advisory boards to provide recommendations and accountability for the GBA Management Team to help them maintain the integrity and credibility of a global organization.  The boards established include the:

  • GBA Corporate Member Committee
  • GBA Government Advisory Committee

The first order of business for all of the advisory boards is to define their internal governance structures and document them.  These documents will be charters for them.  The GBA Management Team is looking forward to providing regular briefings to the committees on activities, financials, business processes, opportunities, risks and issues to the board for their advice and recommendations.  

2020 Strategic Priorities

  • Train 100,000 people in blockchain and related technologies
  • Develop blockchain and related cryptocurrency resources that can help GBA members learn about, develop and deploy blockchain-related solutions
  • Mature an environment where GBA members may connect, communicate, and collaborate on blockchain-related solutions to problems that face governments at all levels and around the world.

Corporate Advisory Board

Government Advisory Board

For any additional information about the GBA Advisory Committees, please contact Gerard Dache, Executive Director, GBA